Edited by AROBAZ Systems, ERPMobCRM is:

  • A mobile application for the customer relationship management.
  • Fully and natively integrated in SAGE ERP X3
  • works in connected and disconnected mode
  • Crossplateform : works on all plateforms and mobile devices
  • An application linked to our different solutions.


With ERPMobCRM you can :

  • Create and edit prospects, customers, contacts, coordinates.
  • View customer records, shares, assets, orders and historicals.
  • seize actions: CRM, reminders, campaigns … and check monitoring.
  • view the outstanding account , and all your available documentation.
  • Include actions directly in the agenda of SAGE ERP X3 and manage your offers.
  • Make the most of all informations of sage X3 in real time.

With ERPMobCRM you can :

    MOB Sales :: Arobaz Systems

  • Reduce proceses and save time.
  • Optimize the monitoring of your customers and your recovery process.
  • Save time thanks to real time.
  • Anticipate your customers’ business.
  • Ensure the security of corporate datas.
  • Make the most of innovative tools and help your teams in their missions.

Wherever you are, view and share informations in real time!
Like all mobile applications developed by arobaz Systems, ERPMobSales is available for all mobile platforms and devices in connected and disconnected mode.

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