Edited by AROBAZ Systems, ERPWebPortal is :

  • A Intranet / Extranet turnkey web portal for informations exchange.
  • An add-on fully controlled and integrated into Sage ERP X3.
  • A secure application that runs in real time.
  • A solution to share information from or for SAGE ERP X3.
  • Identify and provide informations with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


With ERPWebPortal you can :

  • Identify all informations from ERP SageX3.
  • Provide informations to supply the ERP SageX3.
  • View reports, processes, situations, flows, historicals, customizable statistics in PDF or any other provided datas.
  • Interact in my area of expertise and my scope of action.
  • Integrate any informations and medias to a process into ERP X3 from my personalized and secure portal.

With ERPWebPortal you can :

  • optimise the process of communication and information sharing.
  • Optimize profitability because a better control of activity and informations, optimizes billing and recovery.
  • Send informations in real_time and differentiate themselves from others.
  • Create a dynamic image of your company thanks to innovative tools.

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