As a logical result in its evolution, AROBAZ Systems becomes implementor of SAGE ERP X3 V7 in 2013. The most important is the spirit in which we will implement the SAGE ERP x3 V7 which will make the force of our offer. As always, it is a question of preserving the interests of our customers: Organisational and financial interests but even more!


Sage ERP X3 :: Arobaz SystemsRedefine the inplementation of ERP!

SAGE ERP X3 V7 results from the capitalization of the SAGE editor in the field of the ERP for enterprises (Mid- Market).Its broad functional perimeter meets the market needs of the PME/PMI today.

SAGE ERP X3 V7 is a complete software continuation:

  • Inventory control
  • Production control
  • The management of the purchases and supplies
  • The management of the sales
  • The management of the customer relationship
  • Countable management and financial


The principal assets of SAGE ERP X3 V7 are:

  • A great flexibility of adaptation to the rules of management
  • An accessibility to the information system via a web browser
  • SAGE ERP X3 is economic ERP of which total costs of possession is among most powerful of the market.
  • All the trades profit from dedicated functionalities and pre-parameter setting.
  • The interactive graphic processes facilitate the appropriation by the users.
  • A Total integration with the tools Microsoft Office TM.